We’ve had Making Android Accessories with IOIO in the Maker Shed for a while and now we have the IOIO for Android to accompany it! This little board has a lot of great tricks up its sleeve. The IOIO lets you connect electronic circuits to an Android device and control them from an Android application. It provides robust connectivity over a USB or Bluetooth (over USB) and is specifically designed to work with Android 1.5 and later devices. The board is fully controllable from within an Android app using a simple and intuitive Java API, no firmware programming or device hacking required. The IOIO board is powered by a single microcontroller that acts as a USB host that interprets commands from your Android app and interacts with peripheral devices.


  • 48 total I/O pins – all of which can function as digital inputs and outputs.
  • Up to 16 analog inputs (10-bit).
  • Up to 9 PWM outputs.
  • Up to 4 UART channels.
  • Up to 3 SPI channels.
  • Up to 3 TWI (I²C-compatible) channels.
  • On-board switch-mode regulator providing up to 1.5A of 5V supply. Can charge the Android device as well as power a couple of small motors.
  • Bootloader on the board pulls firmware off phone, enabling OTA firmware upgrades and application-specific firmware.
  • Pulse-width measurement, capacitance sensing and more!