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No, We Will Not Be Linking to the “Dead Cat Quadcopter”

Because we’re classy like that. So please stop asking. Those of you who cannot resist your morbid curiosity are now empowered with the necessary Googlon. Godspeed.

106 thoughts on “No, We Will Not Be Linking to the “Dead Cat Quadcopter”

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    1. Seriously…not an excuse, as more like this has been posted. If I died, I’d want someone to make a quadcopter out of me. Or a hover board. Just make sure you add enough power to go on water. ;)

  2. I was going to send my girlfriend an e-mail stating: “because I love you and you’d break up with me immediately, I am not goint to link you the stuffed cat quadcopter” but I even shied away from that.
    The whole ‘project’ was just bad taste from start to finish. Not even remotely funny or creative. The sad part is that he was probably aiming for that.
    But trust me, someone is going to try and 1up this. Like a dead dog glider project or something…

  3. Oh come on now…MakeZine has a history of linking to and promoting taxidermy-based projects because they’re cool. ‘Taxidermy Lighting’ remind you?

  4. Interesting how not long ago Make just couldn’t get enough of LEDs shoved into the eye sockets of dead rats, but now draw the line when it’s a flying cat. Oh well – the quadracat is still the most awesome project in the last ten years!

  5. You guys are too sensitive. I thought the project was incredible. What an awesome way to honor your pet. I should be so lucky!

    Thanks, Make, for letting me know about this.

  6. Oh, good. I stopped following the site for a while after the taxidermy rat with glowing red LED eyes. Ok, it’s art, and it’s maker art, but it’s grotesque.

  7. I am also having a bit of trouble trying to understand the bar MAKE is trying to set here. The man did not expressly kill the cat for the project. It was a pet killed under unfortunate circumstances. Pet taxidermy isn’t all that uncommon. The use of the animal’s remains in an art project is odd, but the cat was not in any way harmed for this project.

    “Phillip Torrone on August 17th, 2010 at 2:50 am said:
    taxidermy has a long history in the world of making as well as our collective human origins – great post becky.” Phillip Torrone, Senior Editor of MAKE about Taxidermy lighting

    Be consistent. If you feel it has already been covered enough and this is a move to cover your in-boxes, that’s fine. The tongue and cheek post just feels really off in this case.

    1. There’s no bar. There’s no policy. Different authors have different takes on this topic. This was Sean’s approach in this case. It’s supposed to be cute. Funny. Your mileage may vary.

    2. i probably would have posted this project but it’s not my daily beat on the site to cover things like this at this time. i probably would have posted it with a warning and had a thumbnail (or the video) on another page. i like sean’s approach to this more though, the folks who know about it and who are interested are still able to discuss and link without having an image that may freak some folks out who get freaked out by flying dead cats.

  8. I’ve got to agree with turtaf.. The badgermin was lovely, and the cat quadcopter is a neat, surprising taxidermy project.

    I’d say that you have to love your pet very much to give them the means to posthumously chase birds.

  9. I like the cat-copter. Didn’t think it was tasteless at all. I think the departed cat would get a kick out of being able to chase birds (and cows). Actually, I think it’s a far cooler project than the badger theremin or the mouse mouse.

  10. The rat slid by with (relatively) minimal outcry because not many people see them as pets. The catcopter disturbed me on some other level. For some reason, knowing the cat was hollowed out didn’t disturb me as much as seeing that he’d cut off the paws to install the motors.

  11. Really? A site that promotes creative reuse, a history of projects with bio-matter as a raw material, and that fosters intelligent discussion over projects is drawing a line in the sand over this? What’s next? Every post about LED’s because this is satan’s light source?

  12. people are so lazy. really? the same amount of effort to ask for MAKE to link to it, you could have just googled it yourself. i think im more peeved that people are too lazy to google something than the actual quadcoptercat

    1. Sean’s referring to how our readers come across stories online and submit them to us because they’d make a good story on Makezine. I don’t want to speak for Sean, but I believe this is his way of saying “Yep, we saw it!”

  13. Hmmm don’t post it, fine, but why make an article about the fat you’re not posting it ? I fail to see the point. Looks like flamebait to me.

  14. Have to say, I agree, and think Make are *very* classy to do this – acknowledge it, don’t link to it, allow us all to comment about it, but not make anyone queasy by it just being there..
    I’m torn on the actual thing itself; it’s a good project, sure, building your own quadcopter, and with such a unique “material” as the main body, OK, sure, it’s probably art and would likely win art prizes too. But it’s just that shade of “creepy” too far for me, even though the owner created it as a tribute to his dearly departed moggy, and probably things it’s hilarious chasing birds with it etc. and if the cat could understand and be asked, it would probably think it cool too, but no, doesn’t pass the bolk test for me…

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