Super Mario Night Kite

Mark “352K” Rober wrote in with his latest project: an assembly of balloons with throwies inside, creating pixels in the sky. And nice call on tethering it so you can get those toxic coin cells back!

22 thoughts on “Super Mario Night Kite

  1. I love this so much! I can’t believe that cop said “light it on fire”, I was expecting him to say “don’t you dare launch that”. Seriously, what is the legality of this? I mean it’s legal to fly a kite, it’s legal to fly a balloon. If it’s at night, so long as it’s lit (which this certainly is), I would THINK there’s nothing wrong with it. There really is SO many ideas this could be used for. I can totally see advertisers starting to do this.. Some big event like a superbowl, or the olympics, suddenly you see a pixelated pepsi logo flying by..

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