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Lego Raspberry Pi Enclosure

Biz, a 12 year-old member of the Boreatton Scout Troop’s Robo Team, created this excellent Raspberry Pi enclosure out of Legos and she dutifully documented the entire build process. The enclosure gives access to all the ports on the sides of the board and even sports a Lego-style Raspberry Pi logo on the top. Nice touch, Biz!

16 thoughts on “Lego Raspberry Pi Enclosure

  1. It is a very nice enclosure, but when describing it … ahem. “Made of LEGO bricks,” if you please (and a close look shows the parts are indeed LEGO-branded, not “clones”). Because it is a registered trademark, the word “LEGO” is immutable, and is properly used as an adjective. Words from “aspirin” to “xerox” may have succumbed to genericity, to their corporate owners’ dismay, but The LEGO Company has loyal and persnickety fan-defenders.

  2. Love it. Now they just need to sell a kit so i dont have to steal Legos from different sets to build me one :)

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