Seems like there are a number of low power ARM SoC boards hitting the market recently. If the BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, and Via APC piqued your interest, you might want to also take a look at the recently announced Gooseberry. It’s an Allwinner A10 ARM SoC with 512MB RAM, 4GB onboard flash (up to 16GB with MicroSD), b/g/n Wifi, and goes for £40 (about $63USD).

Details on availability are forthcoming, but they’re soliciting feedback to gauge interest. Supposedly the whole thing came about because of the current availability of some existing boards. Lacking a reference design, the project lead noticed that the SoC was being used in a production tablet, so instead of stuffing them into an off brand device, they’re being made available as a bare board. [via GeekyGadgets]