Call to Makers Open for Mini Maker Faire OSCON in Portland, OR July 18 and 19

(above: author/hacker Alasdair Allan and Nick Raymond, MAKE’s Engineering Intern Coordinator at OSCON 2011)

We had so much fun doing a small Maker Shed at the 2011 Open Source Convention (OSCON) that we’re going to increase the fun by adding a Mini Maker Faire for OSCON 2012. We’ll hold the Mini Maker Faire on July 18 and 19 on the OSCON exhibition hall floor. The call to makers is open now, and here are some of the details:

The first step to participating in our Mini Maker Faire at OSCON is to submit an entry that tells us about yourself and your project. Entries can be submitted from individuals as well as from groups, such as hobbyist clubs and schools.

We particularly encourage exhibits that are interactive and that highlight the process of making things. And of course…anything open source is a plus at OSCON!

Makers will receive a 2-Day Conference Pass, parking pass, and lunch. You can find even more details and submit a proposal right here.

24 thoughts on “Call to Makers Open for Mini Maker Faire OSCON in Portland, OR July 18 and 19

  1. On a tuesday and wednesday, $25 for a casual person to attend (OSCON
    Exhibition hall entry – I assume kids aren’t free)? No list of exhibitors yet because they decided to hold it less than a month in advance?
    I really wish there was an Oregon Maker Faire that had some real planning behind it. (and yes, I know that I can’t really complain because it’s not like I’m doing anything constructive to bring that about myself).

  2. I’ll second the complaint of short notice.

    If it is appropriate to the scene, Oregon Rocketry could exhibit some nice models, instrumentation, and launch equipment.

  3. Nick and Stefan: sorry about the short notice. We’ll do our best to provide more advance notice next time. If you know of anyone who’d like to exhibit, we’d be grateful if you could pass this information on to them.

  4. This sounds great. How about two things: a one-day rate, and a reduced rate for kids. I’d love to bring my boys for a couple of hours.


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