How-To: Plastic Scoopers Out of Jugs

Another fun find on Facebook. I love these simple photo-based project how-tos that are starting to show up on FB and G+ with increased frequency. The chocolate bowl I posted a few days ago has gotten a lot of attention and makers trying it out. If you try any of these quick n’ dirty hacks you see here, or you spot some especially clever ones on Facebook and G+ (or elsewhere), please send them to us.

How-To: Make a Chocolate Bowl Using a Balloon

16 thoughts on “How-To: Plastic Scoopers Out of Jugs

  1. Nothing new here. Creative boaters and dinghy sailors have been making bailers out of Clorox bottles since I was a kid. And I won’t reveal how long that was, but it was only slightly after the dinosaurs.

  2. Jim, I don’t think the takeaway from this post is “amazing new way to make a scooper!” I think it’s “I love these simple photo-based project how-tos” because Make is very much about sharing the process of making, and calling out someone / something / some method of doing so is a good thing.

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