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Paint Chip Rainbow Wall

We’ve run a lot of paint chip projects here on Craft (see below), but Liz Apple’s rainbow wall of paint chips blows me away. It took 7 hours and more than 600 paint chips! (Via Poppytalk Handmade.
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19 thoughts on “Paint Chip Rainbow Wall

  1. This is so…theft! Companies pay for these for people to use to select a palette for painting their homes not to decorate their homes.

    1. They are perfectly free to decide against supplying chips to the stores. They can also set up a website where they SELL the chips to the public. Either way, good luck getting people to buy your paint.

    2. The paint “chips” have no retail value. The paint companies makes these penny on th dollar and give them away for FREE because there is no value. Your purchase of 1 can of paint pays for 1 million of these things.

      Companies aren’t losing money, otherwise they wouldn’t be giving them away for free. Please use common sense.

      Have you seen convenient stores with coffee creamers, for your coffee? Those too are free with no retail value. They’ll give all of them to you because 1, they need to move the product out for fresher product and two, it costs the store nothing.

      This is really a public service. Do you want colors from the 90’s? Well, if we don’t use them…you’ll have outdated colors. haa You should pick some up too!

  2. I agree with Irv…definitely theft! The proper thing to do would be to contact the paint company directly and ask to buy paint chips. The chips are provided free to people who are looking to BUY PAINT. Taking them for anything else is theft, plain and simple. I get irritated every time I see a paint-chip project on the web.

      1. Agreeing with Greg on this. What the hell are you supposed to do with the paint chips even if you DO buy paint. “Oh hey I have a million paint chips because I couldn’t pick a color, now I finally did.” Should you let them go to waste or do something fun? Lighten up and live a little.

  3. Irv & Chris
    While i agree that it is a type of theft to take ALL of these to do something like this, I have worked the paint counter at two different home improvement stores & if a chip is bent/written on we throw them away.
    So maybe people could just ask stores to save them in a small box for them? also when we stop carrying a certain color or the name/number changes on it we have to toss all of those as well.
    Just a thought

  4. I take a few paint chips here and there whenever I go to the hardware store. After a while, I accumulate quite a few. Sometimes I just really like a color and want to have it (I’m a graphic designer/illustrator). What’s the big deal? They’re free.

    1. I should note that I have also used paint chips to select paint colors, not just for weird designer nerd purposes. Also, paint companies weren’t making enough money to give away chips, they wouldn’t give away chips. And certainly most people don’t take 600 paint chips at one time (that would look suspicious). The average person accumulates quite a few just from the “oh, that’s a nice color!” moments at the hardware store.

  5. Oh grow up to everyone talking about theft! It’s hardly shoplifting bottles of wine now is it? The paint companies don’t sell these. Is stealing paint brochures theft too? Trolls…….

  6. I have decorated my bedroom countless times so I acquired many, MANY paint chips I than decorated my whole room with them and it looks fabulous. All those who say it theft need to pipe the f**k down.

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