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Is everyone having fun at Maker Camp?  Yesterday Jared Ficklin joined us, showing everyone how to make awesome animated GIFs.  In Jared’s words:

“The GIF is an image format from the early days of the interweb that was designed to support animation by stringing together multiple images into one compressed format–kind of like stop-motion animation. This was quite useful in the days before Flash and HTML 5, and now it is seeing a resurgence as an art form and a way to create stuff like avatars for our social networks.

Here are the top reasons I loved watching the Google Hangout with Jared:

1. He is an expert on GIFs (and cats)

2. He has an awesome moustache

3. His presentation was a perfect example of one of my favorite maker ethos: not being mere consumers of our world, but learning how the things we consume are actually made, and then making them yourself!

Jared explains exactly why GIFs capture our attention

If you enjoyed Maker Camp yesterday and want more GIF-y goodness, you’re in luck!  Photographer, photo-hacker, Maker Faire Learn-to-Solder alum, and all-around awesome person Shalaco Sching put together this great GIF tutorial (with loads of fun animations).  Check it out, play around, and be sure to share your results on our MAKE Google+ page!