Designer Guo Cheng has developed a series of tools that use mouth power to drive them. He recently graduated from the Royal College of Art in London and has this to say about his contraptions:

I’ve always been interested in human sensation, response, and natural behavior. From armor to genetic engineering, we are always trying go beyond our own physical limitations. My work focuses on the oral aspect of the human body, to explore the mouth’s purpose beyond just talking, processing food, and breathing—for example, using your mouth to replace the functions of handicapped body parts, acts such as using your teeth to open a can, and behaviors like licking a wound or tearing out ingrown nails. The more they occur in everyday life, the more we take them for granted. With the support of oral apparatuses, the function of the mouth is expanded. In a broader sense, Mouth Factory exhibits the interactive relationship between man and object by developing and enhancing the organ’s functionality. At the same time, it amplifies the rhythmic aesthetic of the human body while operating mechanical tools, as well as revealing the pure beauty of the tools themselves.

Included in his array of contraptions is a means of driving drill bits or screwdrivers with the mouth, or vacuum-forming fiberglass using human suction

[via The Creators Project]