Located on a quiet street flanked by gigantic shade trees in Burbank, Calif., Mister Jalopy’s garage is like a portal into the past and the future at the same time. It’s fully stuffed from floor to ceiling with vintage tools, car parts, and movie memorabilia he picks up at garage sales.

“I would fill my dream garage with ice cream trucks, carnival rides, Helms Bakery trucks, funeral flower cars, Mercedes-Benz ambulance conversions by Binz, Unimogs, doodlebugs, flathead four-powered log splitters, Cadillac El Caminos, passenger buses from India, Airstreams, Model T fruit trucks, farm equipment, hit-and-miss engines, Spartans, aluminum-bodied mail trucks, dragsters, utility trucks with cherry picker baskets, Aeroflots, diamond-plate

F-350s with welders on the back, teardrop trailers, well diggers, and, most favorably, book-mobiles. I would collect houses and skyscrapers, but that would take up too much space,” Mister Jalopy notes. Owner of a used bicycle shop called Coco’s Variety, Mister Jalopy confesses to owning eight cars, including a 1965 Ford Country Squire Wagon with a whimsical paint job by his friend, a retired Disney sign painter. Read the chronicles of his garage life on his blog, dinosaursandrobots.com.