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Toy Vehicles from Plastic Bottles

It’s amazing what magic can be cast with an empty detergent bottle, some bottle caps, and a flourish of paint. Martine Camillieri is a found objects artist who created this fleet of impressive toy cars and trucks from little more than those materials.

18 thoughts on “Toy Vehicles from Plastic Bottles

  1. This reminds me of when I was a kid and I made a DIY Landspeeder for my Star Wars guys uot of a Selsen Blue bottle. Get them started early!

  2. Does anybody have recommendations based on experience for paint that is durable on common container plastic LDPE and/or HDPE? After following the link, I suspect these “toys” were more props than anything else. Especially given they are shown in the photography section of the artists work. Beautiful art work but I think my 18 month old would make short work of removing the paint and deconstructing these objects.

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