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DIY Cotton Candy Machine

Terry Jantzi says: “I built a homemade machine that works spectacularly. Made out of surplus steel bowls, a hanging plant basket and a propane torch, I produce all kinds of flavored cotton candy for family and friends.”

I like the way his video progressives from a working prototype to a slick finished project.

20 thoughts on “DIY Cotton Candy Machine

  1. that is a perfect prototype for a Maker video. instructive and progressive and just the right amount of additional text information. this guy should be making instructional videos (as well as high temperature confections)

  2. An excellent project with an excellent instructional video, well done.

    The Dollar Store; where would we be without it………

  3. assim dá gosto ver como trabalha um habilidoso e sem problemas em transmitir o seu saber. Parabéns daqui de Portugal

  4. What I liked best about it was the way he was able to show the complete process without a lot of voice over. Great video.

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