Andy’s Homemade Dump Truck

Well folks, looks like it is time to move to Canada and start building trucks.

Andy’s homemade truck is designed for delivering supplies to tree planters on rough terrain. It’s intended to carry loads where pickup trucks can’t go. ATVs are often used, but they don’t have much cargo capacity. This is where this vehicle comes in.

Other vehicles that could do the job would be a Unimog or maybe a Hummer H1, but those tend to be quite expensive.

The engine is below the cab. It’s a Volkswagen diesel engine, which is normally mounted transverse. But the engine is mounted forward facing.
The shafts that would normally connect to the front wheels connect to the front and rear differential axles.

The differentials themselves have a fair bit of reduction, so the gear ratio for the truck is quite high. It’s intended to be driven off-road only, so having extra reduction to the wheels is a plus.

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  1. ATVs also need high ground clearance as far as possible to stop bottoming out on ruts, hitting rocks and stumps, and the like. Rear end steering could also offer crabbing, someties useful in ATTV excavators.

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