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Jimmy DiResta Joins MAKE Video

We’re thrilled to announce that Jimmy DiResta has joined the MAKE family. You may know Jimmy as the co-star of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Money, or from DIY Network’s Against the Grain, HGTV’s Hammered, and Fox’s Trash to Cash. Jimmy is an artist, designer, and master builder. His new MAKE video series, called simply DiResta, will showcase Jimmy in the shop doing what Jimmy does best, following his muse and making magic with a shop-full of power tools, artisan’s skill, and lots of flourish. Jimmy doesn’t say much. He doesn’t have to. He lets the the build process speak for itself. Watching Jimmy work is captivating, and looking over his shoulder, you learn a lot about the tools, materials, and processes he employs. We will also include his sketchbook images and some of his build notes in each of the video postings.

So please join me in welcoming Jimmy DiResta. And if you have any questions for Jimmy, please leave them in the comments below.

[Photo by Taylor Forrest]

16 thoughts on “Jimmy DiResta Joins MAKE Video

  1. Jimmy……Love your show and wish you were back doing HAMMERED!!! I love the balance you have between carpentry and Artistic skills! Keep building!!

  2. I admire and respect Jimmie. His abilities and accomplishments make him a national treasure in his own right. -Meticularius

  3. Hey is that an old Bridgeport BSA hatchet? I have one with a split scale that I have to get around to repairing…

  4. Jimmy and I are competing this weekend in an event called “Raising The Bar”, which is being held as a part of the Nashville music city BBQ festival. Look for the “George Dickel” tent to see the two of us at work – Pitting a Junkyard Wars veteran (and card carrying NERD) Jeff Del Papa and his welders, against Jimmy and his wood working tools.

    The festival is Friday and Saturday August 24 and 25, with the winner announced around 6 PM on Saturday.

    Details about Jeff can be found at

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