Raspberry Pi Embedded in DSLR Camera

Having a general purpose computer attached to your digital camera comes in handy for when you want to do things like tether to a tablet, attach a large USB drive, or take time-lapse sequences. Limerick area photographer and camera hacker, Dave Hunt, has managed to squeeze a Raspberry Pi SBC inside a detachable battery grip for his Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera. He’s got it working over WiFi via a dongle and wrote a Perl script to push images to his iPad for easy viewing. [via HN]

24 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Embedded in DSLR Camera

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  2. It’s a nice “look what I’ve done”, but Mr Hunt doesn’t give enough information either in pictures or schematics. It’s highly specific for that particular grip, so if you’ve got any other kind of Canon EOS you are likely SOL.

  3. Can’t imagine life without cameras around. Best things in life are to capture every moments of it. I am so glad I found this blog. I’m thankful that there are certain camera stores here in Australia that could let us choose and buy one.

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