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Papercraft Walking Bipedal Robot

The build video for mechanical paper model maker Kikousya’s papercraft walking bipedal robot,
PR-III, is a top shelf example of what a dedicated artist can achieve with simple materials—in this case: paper, rubber bands, wooden dowels, and some paste. [via the Verge]

14 thoughts on “Papercraft Walking Bipedal Robot

  1. has anyone figured out how to order this… his page is in Japanese… I’d like to give it a try… Google translate was some help..

    1. I did some more research for you. You can E-Mail this guy at E-Mail him to buy the papercraft. The model (PR-V, which is the one you’re looking at) retails for 3000 Yen (+350 Yen for taxes, shipping, handling, etc). Don’t be alarmed, though! 3350 Yen is about $27.81. It’s not too pricy. I’d buy it if I wasn’t saving for other things.

      Good luck-Dylan

      1. Hi Dylan.. Thanks for your research… I actually ordered it a month ago and have been busy making it… He sold it for 2000 yen.. Told me I was the first to buy it outside of Japan… And would only sell the pr-3. .. Directions are in. Japanese… Good pictures though… Google translate does an ok job of translating..but not super….
        I’m thinking of drawing it up in a CAD program and 3 d printing it.. Some of the gears are tricky!!…
        If anyone out there wants two tackle that let me know!!
        I’ll post my paper version when done!!
        Best keep on making!!

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