Old Spice Muscle Music Player

I’m loving this new (can you even call it a) commercial from Old Spice. Sensors are hooked up to the body of Terry Crews, and when flexing, it creates music from the attached, improvised instruments. When the video ends, you get the chance to play, too, using the keyboard.

[vimeo=https://vimeo.com/47875656 w=598]

I have a MaKey MaKey coming in the mail. I wonder if I could do the same thing, with my obviously similar physique. :)

12 thoughts on “Old Spice Muscle Music Player

  1. Nonsense. He is not playing the instruments with his muscles. You simply can’t control single stomach muscles like that. All it is is a MIDI device playing the instruments and using electrical pulses through the electrodes to tense the muscles. He is being played like an instrument, not the other way around.

    1. Far more likely is that the whole thing is just somewhat clever CGI. The whole idea is to get people talking about it and sending their friends to the video to get eyeballs on the ad. I for one think that it’s a brilliant bit of interactive fun.

    2. man even if what you say is true you are ruining the fun of every one who watched that video, can’t you just shut up ;(

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