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Fluorescent Light Moon Sculpture

Chinese artist Wang Yuyang constructed his own Artificial Moon using thousands of differently shaped fluorescent lights.

His work conveys the consumption of energy, the awe of looking at the moon, and an ancient Chinese fable. Yuyang states:

The full moon in Chinese culture means union, unity, and it is an important symbol of reunion of a family, of a country. When I was young I heard a legend that tells of the moon and a goddess, wife of an archer. At that time there were nine suns in the sky and the heat was unbearable. He was commissioned to go and “kill” eight suns so that only one stayed. As a gift back he would receive a magic potion that, taken together with his wife, would make them fly in the sky towards a kingdom of happiness. But meanwhile the archer destroys the suns, his wife secretly decides to drink the magic potion on her own. Immediately after she flies away and goes to live alone on the moon. After a while she regrets it because she is away from her husband. This is why on the 15th of August when the moon is full and during the mid-autumn feast, people still look at the moon and say they can see that woman. The mid-autumn feast for the Chinese is a time of reunion. Therefore the full moon represents union, harmony, peace.

To learn more about this piece, check out this build video done by the Communication Design Master course of ISIA Design Institute of Florence, where Artificial Moon was shown.

[via The Creators Project]

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