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Mechanical Typewriter Keyboard for iPad

We take things like capacitive touch screens for granted, but they’re a fairly recent innovation. The majority of writing in the twentieth century was produced on a QWERTY keyboard–a large chunk of that was performed on a manual typewriter. If you like the old-time tactile quality of a classic manual typewriter, but have come to appreciate the ease of use of an iPad, you’ll dig Austin Yang’s iTypewriter mechanical typewriter keyboard. Each key is mapped to match up with the built-in iOS keyboard, so as you type, a mechanical arm tipped with a conductive pad swings out and taps the capacitive screen to render a character. [via swissmiss]

48 thoughts on “Mechanical Typewriter Keyboard for iPad

    1. yep, i certainly was. expected to see a little spiderweb of spreading cracks…

      Nonetheless i know someone that would happily plunk down significant cash for this. (old fart who utterly hates screen-keyboards (and no, it isn’t me – i’m just an old fart))

        1. he’s got one. wait… he has two. he hates them. he -likes- his old royal. hence this project is perfect for him. (told you he was an old fart)

  1. what brilliant idea, someone should combine the two into one device, say something like a clamshell where one half is keys other half is screen. When closed the key part it would even work as a protector for the screen …….

      1. considered some of the stuff that gets patended these days, it should just a piece of cake to get that patent rubberstamped

    1. Probably because it’s some weird keyboard layout to match the combination of mechanical linkages and the iPad virtual qwerty keyboard. I’d guess it jambs pretty easily too.

  2. They really went out of their way to not show a closeup of the keys. Obviously they don’t want you to see the non-QWERTY layout.

    1. One of the alternate photos of the iTypewriter on Austin Yang’s website gives you a pretty good view of the keyboard layout.

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