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Adafruit’s Custom Raspberry Pi Distro Gets an Upgrade

There are some great features packed into Adafruit’s latest update to Occidentalis, their custom Raspberry Pi distro:

  • Truncated image – only 2.6G now to fit on any 4G card
  • raspi-config notice retained on boot
  • Removed persistant wlan0 entry
  • Password-change reminder on login
  • Added RTC and lm-sensors kernel module
  • Included kernel modules for: DS1307, AD626 I2C digipots, HMC6352, BMP085, ADS1015
  • New! Adafruit’s PWM/Servo kernel module for easy PWM/Servo control on GPIO#18

I’ve been spending a lot more time experimenting with my Raspberry Pi lately, so I’m eager to try this update out.

14 thoughts on “Adafruit’s Custom Raspberry Pi Distro Gets an Upgrade

  1. raspberry pi is super cool! in other news, what the heck did you make folks do to your blog? it is 1. super corporate looking with extra large adds and 2. impossible to read with all the articles collapsed. what gives ? this has been a great place to celebrate building stuff for the fun of it for– oh gosh– like 6 or 7 years now. has the time come to say goodbye ?

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I visit Make a lot less than I used to. I hope their advertisers take note. I have been using Readibilty for some time on lots of sites and now I have to use it for Make. The bummer about that is that the comments section is filtered out in Readibility – which is one of the best parts of the Make Blog. Oh, well.

    2. Not sure it’s time to leave, but WOW, the new front-page format is ugly. PLEASE bring back the big pictures and more summary! I don’t like to read my Make through a key-hole.

    3. I don’t know what parallel universe you guys inhabit, but in this one running a website such as this costs money. Advertisements, as long as they are suitable for the site, are a good way to generate income. Which would you prefer? Advertisements, or having to pay a subscription to access the site?

      I actually like the new layout. I’m in the UK, so having most of a page taken up by events that I couldn’t get to (Maker Faire, etc) got a little irritating. One thing I would change though is the descriptions for each project/event/etc. At the moment it just looks like the site is taking the first few sentences from each article, rather than having a dedicated concise description.

  2. Hi Matt!

    I use the Occidentalis 0.1 distro on my Pi, and I think it is great!

    Yesterday though, I tried to install the arduino package but did not succeed: the dependencies “ca-certificates-java”, “binutils-avr” and “ttf-dejavu-extra” could not be downloaded. Do you know about this? Googling I did not immediately find an answer… Is there a way out, without reinstalling the whole distribution, or another distribution?


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