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Sounds way cool!

Coming Sunday, September the 2nd, we are going to take a look at the basics of life through the eye of the hexayurt project‘s creator Vinay Gupta that will visit Hexayurt is an open hardware house built in hundreds every year. We will consider materials supply chain, reuse, grid beam, planning and improvisation, nature, technology and lot of other things.

We may also take a look at natural disasters & system collapses and how open source can help.

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  1. Love the idea for natural disasters but if it’s a full out system collapses mankind’s time is move or less over. For the first time in our cultural development a system collapses don’t just mean dark ages coming back. as the last few years have shown it means no power to keep every nuclear reactor from going up like Fukushima and every off shore oil well giving us a repeat of the BP’s gulf oil spill within a few years.

    If we fall now before we plug the last oil well and shutdown the last reactor the damage done to the environment will make global warming look like child’s play and there will be to getting back up.

    enough of the downer talk this is still a great idea.

    1. Actually provided the reactors or oil rigs aren’t directly damaged, they have mechanical means of shutting them down without the need of a power source.

      1. These safety systems are only designed to buy time for the rest of the world to get in gear and save the day, they are not designed to be permanent solutions to a problem.

        A nuclear reactor always needs power to circulate coolant even when it’s shutdown or there will be a meltdown. Sure they have on site generators but if the whole system collapses, if civilization has fallen, then here is no new fuel coming and once they run dry well it won’t be a good day for everyone.

        As for oil rigs we’ve all seen how well those safety systems “work” in real life but you’re right most of these will sit like time bombs until damaged. Unfortunately oil rigs are put into some of the harshest environments this planet has to offer so that won’t take long. even if it takes more than one year to damage a rig enough to fail like that no one will be able to do anything about it because it will take years if not decades for the world to get itself back together enough to do anything about it.

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