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Mario Marriage Proposal

Blogger Salainen came up with a memorable way to propose to her boyfriend, Mario-style! She painted a ring box yellow and added a question mark on top! Then she printed out the big question in gamer metaphor: “Be My Player Two?” Inside the box were two rings, for Player One (her ring; status “Ready”) and Player Two (his ring; status “Press Start”).

Nerdy and awesome. Yes!

[via BuzzFeed]


8 thoughts on “Mario Marriage Proposal

  1. Wierd – if you go to her blog and click on the picture it brings you to a post that says ‘so we broke up’ but I don’t think it is talking about her own engagement.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this story about a neat idea without being all “OHMYGODAWOMANPROPOSEDHOWPROGRESSIVE.” It’s refreshing.

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