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How To: Air Travel With Small Children

Personally, kids don’t really bother me when I fly because I’m usually too busy staring out the window thinking, “Oh wow, I’m inside a cloud!” But if you are apprehensive about creating a public disturbance and you want to take precautions to diffuse the potential tension of travelling with children, then you could always try doing what these clever parents did and hand out some little gift bags to everyone on the flight.

[via Neatorama]

6 thoughts on “How To: Air Travel With Small Children

  1. Do we really have to make flying with kids more of a chore for parents? How about we all recognize that when we fly we give up a little bit of comfort whether it’s having the person in the seat in front of you reclined into your lap, having to smell the (still drunk) college kids–or the feet of people who’ve removed their shoes, sitting next to a guy watching porn, or fussy children. Flying isn’t comfortable any more. I don’t need candy from parents. I’m not the child.

    1. Hi Anna, you’re right, if everyone started expecting candy from parents traveling with children, that would be absurd. Just like practically everything else that gets posted on this site, this was just an interesting idea that some people may find useful in their lives, but there is certainly no expectation that anyone should ever have to do anything like this unless they really want to.

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