Multiplo, an Arduino-Controlled, Open-Source Robot Kit

Congrats to robot fans Rodolfo, Julián, Lucio and Mónica for the successful Kickstarter funding of their Multiplo robot set.

We developed this system in order to prototype robots. But we ended inventing a platform to build things. We have been using it at public schools and it had proved to be suitable as teaching material. They are currently using it for STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for young students.

Making a robot was a challenge some time ago and only few could have access to that. We want to reach a critical mass that allow us to break boundaries. We have found Arduino philosophy inspiring. We think that it’s time that their concept spreads to other areas.

We want our fully Open Source Robot Kit to get into hands of educators, artists and any kind of creative people. It is our dream to get robotics close to people. We think it’s time for a change. Robotics for Everybody!

You can learn more on the project site.

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    1. Here are 2 links with more information about that:

      1. Kickstarter’s FAQ section (first FAQ, but you can also take a look to the other FAQs, such as the one which describes the DuinoBot controller):

      2. Kikcstarter’s 2nd update:

      Please take also a look to the comments on that update.

      I hope this helps.

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