Before anyone gets confused, please note that the purpose of a device like this is not to keep dangerous stuff inside from getting out, but to keep corrosive stuff outside from getting in.  Specifically, it’s designed to protect air-sensitive organisms (or chemicals) from the highly corrosive sea of oxygen that envelops our world.   In biochemistry, it’s sometimes called an “anaerobic chamber,” but an essentially identical device is also commonly employed in air-free chemistry technique, where it’s usually just called a “glove box.”

Like a lot of professional-grade scientific equipment, purpose-made glove boxes are spendy, especially if you buy a new one.  That’s why I think a lot of hobby, citizen, and just plain ol’ thrifty scientists will be excited about this DIY version from NYU ITP student Nelson Ramon. Detailed build shots are available at the link, below, and, if you’re going to World Maker Faire 2012, you’ll be able to see this project in person.

DIY Anaerobic Chamber