Turning Ordinary Objects into Dubstep Loops

An Instrument for the Sonification of Everday Things is an electronic device with a retractable spindle that will accept most any readily available item. A scanning laser then reads the distance of the object as it rotates and translates that data into musical notes.

Created by Dennis P Paul, this instrument creates loops that are remarkably reminiscent of Dubstep. The user can slide the laser back and forth, picking up different parts of the object, and a stepper motor that rotates the spindle can be synched to an existing drumbeat. The data from the laser is sent to Processing before being exported melodically.

[via The Creators Project]

20 thoughts on “Turning Ordinary Objects into Dubstep Loops

  1. That’s exactly the kind of thing I come here hoping to see. As RPM = BPM in this instance it would be cool if it could be synced to an external clock or another similar unit. Incorporating DIY 3D printing skills to create custom objects to scan would be cool. You could design rythmic sculpture on a rotating pedestal with multiple lasers controlling multiple voices.

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