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Maker Faire New York: Come See Formlab’s New Stereolithography-based Printer

This morning the startup Formlabs announced a new entry in the 3D Printer market: the Form 1. The Form is based on the stereolithography method of printing by directing a laser at a tray of liquid resin to harden each layer. The print resolution seems to compare favorably with with plastic extrusion based printers, with layers can be as thin as 25 microns (.001 inches). The price is also in the same ballpark as some of the hobbyist printers; $2,299 if you get in on the Kickstarter.

Formlabs was started by David Cranor, Maxim Lobovsky, and Natan Linder, who all met at the MIT Media. Come meet the Formlabs team and get a preview of the Form printer at the 3D Printing Pavilion at the New York Maker Faire this weekend.

Neptune is Formlab’s Hello World print of choice.
Shawn Wallace

Shawn Wallace is a MAKE contributor, artist, programmer, and editor living in Providence, R.I. He designs open hardware kits at Modern Device and organized the Fab Academy at the Providence Fab Lab. He makes iPhone synthesizers with the Fluxama collective and is a member of the SMT Computing Society.

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