Identified Flying Objects

If you’re hanging out in the grassy knoll between the Diet Coke and Mentos Stage and the Life-Size Mousetrap (perhaps staking out a good spot for the next show?) you might see or hear some little flying machines buzzing over head. Whether it’s a quad copter from AeroQuad or a soaring foam plane from Brooklyn Aerodrome (BTW: see their project in MAKE Volume 30), you’re in for some spectacular aerial maneuvers as they take to the skies over the  gathered crowds.





2 thoughts on “Identified Flying Objects

  1. We had such a blast showing the kids (young and the young at heart) the inner workings of how an AeroQuad flies! We had our fleet of quadcopters flying for most of the weekend when it was sunny and even in the wind. Please come visit out open source project at!

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