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Inspiring Historical Repairs

I realized I’ve never posted about one of my favorite blogs, Past Imperfect, or The Art of Inventive Repair. Andrew Baseman is an interior designer and set designer who collects antique repaired objects. While we now usually toss a chipped tea cup (or sometimes upcycle it into something new!), in the past, these items were so valuable it was worth repairing them so they could still be used or at least appreciated. I love some of these repairs and agree with Baseman that they are often far more beautiful than the original! (He usually finds a comparable, unbroken, object to place side-by-side with his featured piece.)

Antiques with inventive repairs (also known as “make-do” repairs) are unique examples of necessity and thrift, made during a time before Krazy Glue was invented. Unlike today where we discard anything chipped or cracked, broken household items were repaired at home or taken to a metalsmith to be brought back to life, often with whimsical results. Once regarded merely as damaged goods by antiques dealers and collectors alike, antiques with inventive repairs are justly receiving the respect they deserve.



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