Back in May I compiled a census of all the 3D printers at the Bay Area Maker Faire; I thought I’d do the same at this past weekend’s Maker Faire New York. The trends are clear: more, more variations, and more better. I counted 70 different printers in the wild, and I surely missed a couple. That number does not include the dozens of Printrbots, Replicator 1’s, and Ultimakers we had for sale in the Maker Shed.

Maker Faire isn’t a contest, of course, but if it was I’d award these superlatives:

Best of Show: See Me CNC’s Rostock MAX delta bot
Most Numerous: Makerbot Replicators
Largest: Bruce and Nick Wattendorf’s gigantic Ultimaker variant
Most Theatrical: Ultimaker for their portable printer and their circus-like sideways-hanging-from-a-bungee-cord-while-printing demonstration

Ultimakers for sale in the Shed.

Printrbot demos and sales in the Shed.

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If you’d like to see larger images of the printers, read on.