Calling All Ft. Worth Makers!

Calling all makers interested in setting up a local Makerspace and makers that have kits they’d like to show us.

The MAKE team will be hosting a meetup tonight at 8pm (with food and beverage) at:

Woodshed Smokehouse
3201 Riverfront Drive
Ft. Worth, TX

Call Sherry Huss (415-902-2050) or email her (Sherry@oreilly.com) ASAP for more info.

We hope to see you there!

40 thoughts on “Calling All Ft. Worth Makers!

    1. @Jeff – we were not sure of our schedule in advance of our arrival. We flew in from New York World Maker Faire for a RadioShack Business Summit, and it turns out that we are free tonight. So, I wanted to reach out to the local Makerspace, and it turns out they are trying to get support to start one – timing is good for them as they have a meeting with the city next week. That’s the story.

  1. Aww that’s too bad. I’m an old ex-Tandy employee and I know a couple others who would’ve been there with a little more warning. Contact me if you guys set up a meetup or something.

    1. @John Hattan – sorry again for the short notice… however, the upside is that we were able to bring together 7 local Makers, plus the MAKE team, Benedetta from the Arduino team and Eric and Hao from SEEED Studios. The conversation has started and if you send me your email address (sherry@oreilly.com) I will add it to the email list of those that came last night. There is a lot of energy and excitement in the community, and I know that they are looking to find others that are interested in getting more Making activities in the community. So great to be able to connect these Makers and this was the first time that them met for most of them.

    1. @neal – the best I can do now is offer up a chance to connect you with the other local Makers. If you send me your email (sherry@oreilly.com), I will compile a list and send it out to the group that attended last evening and include those that are interested in getting involved. The alternative to such short notice was no event happening – not good for anyone. I am liking what I see from the Makers that attended, and to me – it was worth getting the conversation started and connecting local Makers.

  2. I just saw the post or I would have been there!

    I would have absolutely loved to meet you guys and throw some ideas out. Give me a little more warning next time and ill be there with a bunch of fellow FtW engineers/hobbyists! At least add me to whatever email chain or list that got started!
    -Dan K.

    1. @Dan – send me your email (sherry@oreilly.com) and I will add you to the list and share it with the group. Glad that you are interested.

    1. @Don – please send me your email (sherry@oreilly.com), and I will add to the list – I know the group would like to continue to stay connected and are looking for fellow Makers too.

  3. Just a head’s up in case people are not aware: There is a makerspace in Dallas (http://dallasmakerspace.org) if you guys ever want to come out and chat etc. We might be able to offer some advice on getting things going.

    I know it’s a heck of a drive for the 817’s to come to 214, but we’ve got our annual open house coming up on November 10th if you guys would like to check it out.

    PS> Good to see two (and now three) ex-Tandy employees in this thread :)

    1. @Kent A reminder in November would be good :) It’s not too far for special events though. Just “after work” round trips. (One of those Tandy-Exs)

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