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Pimm’s Cup Recipe

I somehow missed the Pimm’s Cup trend of recent years, but a friend introduced me to this lovely summery drink a few months ago and I am a convert. A British classic, it consists of the gin-based liqueur known as Pimm’s No. 1, and either ginger beer or sparkling lemonade with a changing roster of fresh garnishes. Here’s my stab at it.

Makes one pitcher full

1 cup Pimm’s No. 1
3 cups ginger beer (I used two bottles of Bundaberg)
3 cups sparkling water
One small cucumber, sliced (put a slice in the bottom of each glass as well)
One orange (half cut into pieces, half juiced into the pitcher)

Add more Pimm’s to taste if you like. (I prefer it with less alcohol so it’s very drinkable on a hot day–it does add up once you’ve had a few in quick succession!) I have also had it with celery and Julienned carrots, and I’ve seen recipes calling for everything from additional gin to rhubarb. Feel free to experiment! I like how easy it is to throw together, but one day I might try this from-scratch Pimm’s Cup, which uses simple syrup and sliced ginger and Meyer lemon juice. Bottoms up!

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