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Monkey Hacking on Weekend Projects

Hack a cymbal-banging toy into a Monkey Couch Guardian, and shoo away furry intruders before they shed all over your furniture. This project will introduce some new components to our Weekend Projects parts arsenal, namely the PIR sensor and SPDT relay. This project could be dissected into three parts: the circuitry inside the enclosure box, the Arduino and the software running on it, and the toy monkey itself. When a signature interrupts the passive infrared (PIR) sensor, the relay is triggered, which in turn drives the motor inside the monkey. The software sketch running on the Arduino controls the monkey’s start and reset times, and weighs in at less than 1 kilobyte! All you need to do with the toy is jump its power contacts and secure it to the enclosure box, and your monkey will be protecting your couch, or wherever you place it, before the weekend is over!

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