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Getting Started With Raspberry Pi Available in Early Release

I’ve been lucky to have been able to work with Matt Richardson on our newest Make Books title: Getting Started With Raspberry Pi. The book is now available in Early Release form, and the finished book will be out for Christmas.

This concise beginners tutorial is in the same style and format as our popular Getting Started With titles for Arduino, Processing and others (it’s a bit different than Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress though).

With Early Release ebooks, you get books as they are developed so you can take advantage of these technologies before the official release. You’ll also receive updates when significant changes are made, new chapters as they’re written, and the final ebook bundle.

18 thoughts on “Getting Started With Raspberry Pi Available in Early Release

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the content and style of the Early Release, but was a little blown away when I discovered upon download that it only included Chapters 3 and 7. I have bought plenty of other Early Releases before but just can’t recall any being *this* sparse. Don’t get me wrong – I’m really happy with the content I did get – and I can’t wait to read more – I just…could have done w/ a disclaimer as far as what content I’d be getting at this stage I guess? Keep up the great work – fingers crossed that Chapters 1 and 2 might be available soon! :)

        1. Yes, this was updated with three more chapters last week. Check your O’Reilly account if you didn’t get an email.

          1. Ah-ha – I see what happened – I did not get an email, but I re-downloaded anyway, and found no changes – BUT I used Dropbox, which does not update to the latest version automatically – got it now though via ePub > Send to Dropbox – thank you! :)

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