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Books Printed with Complete RGB Color Space

Photo: Brittany Schall

A 2011 work by artist Tauba Auerbach, RGB Colorspace Atlas is a set of 8x8x8″ cubical books, each of which has been printed, inside and out, to match the familiar cubical model of the RGB color space. By turning the pages, one can access practically any point within the volume of the cube. There are three books in the set, each bound along a different axis, to allow free exploration of the color space in any direction.

Tauba Auerbach – Works – RGB Colorspace Atlas

12 thoughts on “Books Printed with Complete RGB Color Space

  1. It’s not the “complete” RGB colorspace. More likely it’s the mapping of the RGB color namespace through the particular color management of the printer and printer driver to CMY+K?+m+c+???), including gamut mapping (compression, expansion and/or clipping of the differences between the RGB and the printer)

    Nevertheless, it make a cool art piece.

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