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PunkinBot – The CNC Pumpkin Carving Machine

Why carve a pumpkin when you can build a machine to do it for you? Using an EMSL Egg-Bot for inspiration, the VanDiepenbos family scaled it up in order to make a pumpkin carving robot called the punkinBoT. This is a video of their machine’s first cut at Maker Faire Detroit. It’s a bit wobbly, but looks like it’s doing the job nicely. I especially like the severed arm on the cutter head. Very fitting!

12 thoughts on “PunkinBot – The CNC Pumpkin Carving Machine

  1. Michael, squash, the jack-o-lantern is thin skinned. But pumpkin the fruit is thick skinned.Recent articles on that got me to thinking: without hollowing out the center can one hollow a ,or many candle holes to make a zoetrope type scene? I would try myself but typing seems to consume too much of my time. I.E. running witches, skeletons,etc.

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