This summer the folks who produce Dark Rye, the online magazine for Whole Foods Markets, came to my house in Los Angeles, and shot a video profile of my daughters and me working on different projects. We made a guitar out of a metal lunchbox, a skateboard, and soap molded from our toes and fingers.

The video shoot took place over two days, and we spent about 10 hours per day following the director’s orders. My daughters were real troopers — each scene required about five takes, and we traveled all over Los Angeles to produce the video. The Dark Rye production team was extremely friendly and courteous, and we had a terrific time together.

If you haven’t checked out the Dark Rye website, I suggest you visit it. In addition to great articles and videos about DIYers, the design is interesting: to access one of the features on the website you click on the image and a pop-up window loads the content. That way, you don’t ever really leave the front page. It’s a neat idea and well-executed.