Kickstarter Cofounder on Creative Entrepreneurship

Be sure to check out this 90-minute lecture and discussion at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, as Yancey Strickler talks about this (relatively) new form of funding.

Eighteen months after went live, Details magazine declared its “potential to … spark a modern Renaissance.” Currently it’s on track to channel more than $150 million to thousands of creative projects in 2012.

Cofounder Yancey Strickler speaks on Kickstarter’s inspiration and evolution, its social fund-raising model, and its huge impact on artists and creative industries of all kinds. He also addresses ways that its success is affecting the wider world of arts funding, and speculates about what the future holds for this platform.

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2 thoughts on “Kickstarter Cofounder on Creative Entrepreneurship

  1. Got to sue Kickstarer
    I can show damages via Amazon!
    the Suit will be pegged at what ever the Highest Gross of a Single Seller can make on Amazon.
    That is probably worth a few Million US Dollars

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