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Bored Beagle/BeagleBoard
We made this in response to a quip by MAKE founder Dale Dougherty, when he saw Marketing Coordinator Meg Mason’s beagle, Bella, looking… well, bored. (Gregory Hayes/MAKE)

The BeagleBoard-xM is a version of the BeagleBoard, a low-power open source hardware single-board computer (wiki), released in 2010 and still in production. BeagleBoard also makes the more compact, lower-priced, mint-tin ready BeagleBone, released in 2011 and available from the Maker Shed.

Bella is an AKC-registered tri-color 15″ beagle released in 2006. Bella is one-of-a-kind unit, but the ever-popular beagle has been available since the 19th century and remains in production.

6 thoughts on “Bored Beagle/BeagleBoard

  1. James Patrick says:

    No memes on Make!

    1. Claybratt says:

      Thank you!!!

    2. Kaleb says:

      Hopefully there never will be any. Memes are overused and annoying, but this doesn’t necessarily count.

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