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First International Maker Meetup, on 3D Printing, Nov 15


Join the MeetupWhat: International Maker Meetup
Where: Your Community!
When: November 15, 2012
Learn more at http://www.meetup.com/makermeetup/

Next Thursday, the first of our new International Maker Meetups is happening. The idea here is to get makers all over the world together, to talk about the latest issue of MAKE, and making in general, hang out with like-minded people in your area, and hopefully have a lot of fun. The main subject of this meetup will be 3D printing and our just-printed Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing. We will be hosting a face-to-face meetup here in Sebastopol and other people are creating their own meetups around the world. We will also be doing a Google HOA at 6pm PST/9pm EST on the 15th that you can tune into and perhaps become a part of. Participants at the meetups will get a free PDF copy of the Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing. If you want to set up a meet up in your area or want to join one, visit the MakerMeetup page. We hope you’ll participate.

Whether you’re a designer, inventor, hacker, tinkerer, or weekend DIYer–anyone interested in finding out more about 3D printing and design is welcome! We suggest getting together at convenient locations such as a hackerspace, coffee shop, community center, library, or restaurant. Bring your laptops, tablets, smartphones to access the Internet and G+ Hangout On Air. The first 25 organizers will receive a MAKE meetup welcome kit that includes: 12 copies of the MAKE Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing, MAKE T-shirts, notebooks, stickers, and buttons. The top 3 organizers with the highest number of RSVPs will get a $200 stipend for beverages and food!

66 thoughts on “First International Maker Meetup, on 3D Printing, Nov 15

    1. I don’t want to make a big deal of this, but I think it’s a shame that when there’s a female maker in a photograph the first comment is about her looks. I certainly cannot speak for her or any other woman, but I imagine that this sort of attitude is not likely to make more women want to join the movement, which means cutting it off to a little over half of the potential pool of talented people who could contribute.

      Worse still, it might limit the number of guy makers and girl makers who meet each other, fall in love, and make the next generation of makers ;)

      1. Hi.
        I would distinguish between someone’s looks and what she chose to wear. I couldn’t tell whether the picture was posed so I was either criticizing the website for using it or the woman for wearing something provocative that’s out of place. Save it for after-dinner events. I think it is disrespectful to the men to wear something low-cut and expect them to act like eunuchs and pretend they don’t notice. Trying to push back against sexualization.
        Now can we have a close-up of that sexy printer?

        1. This discussion is not appropriate for MAKE. No, this was not a posed picture and this is what Lyra chose to wear. No one was harmed or offended, as far as I could tell. But discussing what makers wear, and whether you approve or not, is something for another website.

        2. Wow. It is so disappointing to see that there are still people that think like this. Matt, please take a moment and just reflect on why you are getting such a negative reaction from others. What is socially acceptable to wear is defined by the present culture that we happen to live in. I can tell you that your views are very far outside the norm.

          1. Folks, I’d like to drop this whole line of discussion here, regardless of one’s opinions on it. This post and topic is about the first International Maker Meetup on 3D printing. Please let’s keep the comments/questions on that subject. Thanks!

  1. I have a question on the time. All of the groups on the Meetup.com site state the meetup will occur at 6pm, no matter their location.

    Am I correct that the meetup will actually be 6pm Pacific, which means 4pm Central for me and the group I am forming?


    1. Hi David,
      It is up to the organizers of the event to pick a time that works best for their community. The organizers of the community have access to change the time on the event page. In this case many are choosing to hold the meetup around the HOA. Unfortunately on Meetup.com there is not a place to designate a time zone. Hope that helps to clarify some confusion.

  2. How do we find out if we were considered one of the first 25. I’m 99% sure I organized the New Orleans event in time (and we are top 10 for RSVP) but I haven’t seen anything about the welcome kit.

    1. Hi, We have sent out our first 25 kits and New Orleans was one of the first to sign up and we are so excited that you are one of the top 10! You should receive your kit today or early tomorrow just in time for your event.

      1. awesome! Me too (being excited about top 10 that is). Was it sent to me personally, or to the event location? Makes no difference to me, just wondering which mailbox to watch. Thanks again.

  3. Any recommendations for those of us on the east coast? This will take place at 9pm for us and finding any sort of community space to meet is difficult at that hour, let alone in the city (I’m in Washington DC). A cafe is looking like the best bet, but 9:00 is still pushing closing hours. Any ideas?

    1. Hey John, have you approached HacDC (hacdc.org), or are you involved in that org? That seems a good place to consider. And folks don’t HAVE to do their meet ups at 6/9. You could start earlier, the only thing you’ll miss out on is the opportunity to be part of the Google HOA, but then I suspect most people will want to be more focused on their own meetup than the HOA, anyway.

      1. I have contacted them, and did not hear back from them. I think they are busy in preparation for another event the following weekend.

        Also, I was under the impression that the Google HOA was going to be a substantial part of the event. What can we expect from this? Any details on the content?

        1. We will be talking in-house (Sebastopol) about the creation of the 3DP guide — what we generally learned during our 3D Print Shop Weekend and in putting the guide together — and talking to the various meetups about what 3DPs they have, want, their experiences with 3D printing, etc. Answer participants’ questions about our findings, etc. Should be a lot of fun.

  4. Hi , I am organizing a meetup in Europe at the FabLab Zuid Limburg, We have 7 different printers and we would love to also discuss the findings in your Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing. When would we get the pdf? The Google Hangout is in the middle of the night for us at 3AM so we will organize our meetup either about 12 hours earlier or later on the 16th.

    1. Hi Monique,
      The PDF will be available today Wednesday, November 14th after 7PM PST. You will receive an email with the link to download!

  5. If you’d like to join in on tomorrow’s live Google+ hangout on air, 1) add MAKE to you circles on G+ at google.com/+make and 2) post a comment on G+ during the hangout and we”ll do our best to get you on.

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