This week on Food Makers, a weekly Google+ hangout on air,  I’ll be talking to members of Re:Farm the City. Re:farm is an international collective started by Spain’s Hernani Dias. Members of Re:farm develop open source hardware and software for urban farmers. The group originated in Barcelona’s Hangar Media Lab and Madrid’s Medialab-Prado and since 2008 it has held workshops in Barcelona, Madrid, Gijon, Buenos Aires, Paris, New York, Beijing, São Paulo and elsewhere. These workshops focus on Re:farm’s ever-in development hardware and software to engage local artists, programmers, hackers, builders, and regular folk to grow food in cities.

Joining me on this live Google+ hangout on air will be Hernani (who is currently somewhere in Portugal), Max Kazemzadeh from Washington, D.C. and Martin Garber from Tarragona, Spain. Tune in tomorrow at 2pm PST/5pm EST right here.