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Is this behemoth a beast or a dinosaur?
Torture test print. Click to view large.

AMONG THIS GROUP OF FAIRLY DIMINUTIVE 3D PRINTERS, THERE WAS ONE HEAVYWEIGHT: Bits from Bytes’ 3DTouch, one of the most impressive 3D printers aimed at the low-cost market. It’s also one of the most expensive, prices at $3,490-$4,370. The 3DTouch is impressively built: with its massive, milled-steel connectors, it literally towered above the competition. It seemed as if it could engulf some of it’s competitors on its build – or perhaps print one out.

2013 MAKE Ultimate Guide To 3D Printing

  • 3D Printers Buyer's Guide — 15 Reviewed
  • Getting Started in 3D
  • Learn the Software Toolchain
  • 3D Design for Beginners
  • 3D Printing without a Printer

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Just Released! 2014 MAKE Ultimate Guide To 3D Printing

  • Primo Features Triple extruders, touchscreen UI, automatic support material, best-built machine in our tests and one of the biggest
  • Print volume 7.3″×10.75″×7.9″
  • Print speed 15mm3/sec
  • Print material ABS, PLA, Soluble PLA
  • Resolution (z-axis) 0.125mm
  • Machine software Axon 2
  • Slicing software Skeinforge
  • OS supported Windows (XP/SP3, Vista, 7+)
  • Open Source No
  • Price as tested $4,370 assembled
  • Pedigree RepRap Darwin
  • Print without PC? Yes, USB stick

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