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World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth

Wow, a 3D printing photo booth! Spoon and Tamago reports:

What’s being called the world’s first 3D printing photo booth is set to open for a limited time at the exhibition space EYE OF GYRE in Harajuku. From November 24 to January 14, 2013, people with reservations can go and have their portraits taken. Except, instead of a photograph, you’ll receive miniature replicas of yourselves.

I so want to print an action figure of myself.

Want to know more about 3D printing? MAKE’s Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing hits newsstands Nov. 20!

32 thoughts on “World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth

      1. ahhh thanks! I see my problem, when I googled “¥ 21000” it said 21000 Chinese Yuan = 3362.58 US Dollars, but it should be Japanese Yen. :)

  1. The smallest model (10cm ) for a single person will cost 21000 Yens or roughly USD 264.00 Two people in the largest format ( 20cm tall) will set you back USD 1057.00 .
    It is very cool but quite expensive.

  2. We have a similar thing here in Dubai although not in a photo booth. The small one would cost roughly between $150-165. Their office is inside a mall but we have to schedule a photoshoot in their special studio at a different place. Then we will wait for 2-3 days I think and pick up the product at the malll again.

  3. This is a pretty cool concept! I like the ideas in comments above. I’ve been following the technologies and companies in this space for a while. There are a couple in the US right now doing this same thing. And you don’t have to wait 15 minutes for the scan to finish either. http://www.3DFigureWorks.com actually does full head scanning, full bodies, and animals, in an instantaneous scan and then outputs them in a variety of forms, from collectibles and ornaments to busts to full bodies. http://www.ShapeShot.com also does face scanning. The prices seem pretty competitive and the systems can travel to your location.

  4. This is available in the US at 3D FigureWorks in St. Charles, IL.

    Wedding cake toppers, Action Figures, or anything you can imagine… Your photo is taken in 1 second – no holding a pose. We can model kids and pets. Because we can process images so fast, we are not crazy expensive either! One of our products is a face chip refrigerator magnet which is only $30!

    If your in the Chicagoland area, come by and check us out!

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