While MAKE hosted its first 3D printer meetup in Sebastopol, Calif. last week, across town at Analy High School Project Make unveiled the Analy Community Makerspace, a new community makerspace. The facility is the new home for Project MAKE, a program aimed at reinventing the shop class with new tools for a new generation of makers and tinkerers. The students at Analy are already making cool stuff. Check out this video student Miles Pepper produced about the facility.

Meanwhile, radio producer and MAKE contributor Jon Kalish created a piece for NPR about DARPA’s funding for makerspaces, including the Analy Community Makespace. The story¬† will air this afternoon on the “All Tech Considered” segment of “All Things Considered”¬† at 2:35pm, 4:35pm and 6:35pm Pacific Standard Time. NPR has posted a page about the story on its web site with some of Jon’s photos here.