I’m making these pumpkin and burnt sugar shortbread bars for Thanksgiving. The recipe comes from the excellent Butter Me Up, Brooklyn blog. Author Lillie Auld will be one of the bloggers joining me on this week’s Food Makers hangout on air.

If you don’t have your Thanksgiving menu planned out by now you could be in trouble. But I’m here to help. On this week’s Food Makers, a live and online Google+ hangout on air, I’ll be talking to food bloggers about useful Thanksgiving tips to make the big meal go well. I’m not talking about full on recipes, but what I hope are helpful tips and shortcuts. Joining me will be food bloggers Lillie Auld of Butter Me Up, Brooklyn and Julie Ruble of Willow Bird Baking. I’ll also be inviting the whole wide world to come on air (a few people at a time) to share tips, too.

Like every week, Food Makers is set for 2pm PST/5pm EST. Tune in right here. If you’d like to participate, add MAKE to you circles on Google+. During the broadcast post a comment saying you’d like to come on air and we’ll do our best to get you on. See you then.