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Paper-Based 3D Printing Process

[vimeo 19971721 w=598]

Phil mentioned Ireland’s Mcor Technologies when they premiered on Gizmodo back in 2008. Their monochrome Matrix 300+ printer, shown off in the above video, builds models by laminating regular copy/printer paper using controlled application of adhesive and 2D-mechanical cutting on each layer. A complete description is available in US Patent Application 2011/0094441.

Now, Mcor is at work on Iris, a prototype design that implements a full-color version of their process, presumably adding a color printing step, of some sort, on each sheet of paper. Check the video below to see some early results.

[vimeo 44001453 w=598]

Mcor Technologies

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  1. unless I am missing something, this appears to be very wasteful. look how much material it took to make one little piece. and the remainder is useless?

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