Open-Source Wearable PIC Board

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SquareWare by Ray’s Hobby offers the same general format as a Lilypad or Flora but uses a PIC microcontroller:

An open-source microcontroller board designed specially for wearable electronics projects. It’s small (1.6″x1.6″) and square! Has 8 general i/o pins and 4 power sink pins suitable for driving high-current load. Comes with built-in USB connector and li-po battery charger.

(You may recall Ray’s Hobby from this year’s MakerFaire Bay Area when they demonstrated their OpenSprinkler control system.)

[via Embedded Projects]

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  2. Measure and cut a couple 21-inch by 63-inch bits from the ¾-inch plywood. These is normally the two edge pieces. Makes use of the router to help you round the perimeters to a 3/8-inch girth.

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