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Holiday Gift Guide 2012: 10 Educational & Inspiring Toys for Kids

Rubik’s Cube; image used under Creative Commons, by Flickr user Doug Aghassi

The other day I published the STEM Toys for Kids gift guide, focusing on toys that teach skills or concepts in the field of science, tech, engineering, and math. I came up with so many awesome toys researching that list I decided to make another gift guide, for toys that are generally inspiring or educational in some way. Please add your own favorites in the comments below.

[make_slideshow slug=”educational-inspiring-toys-for-kids” title=”Educational & Inspiring Toys for Kids” link=”Launch the Slideshow”]

14 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide 2012: 10 Educational & Inspiring Toys for Kids

    1. “Yo dawg, we heard you like ads, so we made a slide show of toy ads so we can sell you while we sell you.”

      Or something like that.

    2. You can click “View all slides” if you want to see them all on one page. (But we are hearing and appreciate the feedback.)

      Alan, sorry toys aren’t your thing. Are you giving gifts to children this holiday? Are you handmaking all of them?

      1. I don’t see a “View All Slides” button in Firefox.

        As for the sarcasm war you’ve engaged, yes, I am getting gifts for children, and no I’m not making them all. But I don’t see how my purchasing of toys legitimizes Make’s choice to bombard me with yet more advertising for pre-made items. I can get that information somewhere else (or rather, everywhere else). Isn’t this supposed to be the site that talks about making stuff yourself?

        1. Hm, not sure what the issue is — I’m in Firefox and I see the “View all slides” option. I’ll forward your note on to the appropriate folks to check in to it.

          I’m sorry my comment came across as sarcastic to you. It was meant to steer the conversation in a constructive direction, and I was actually curious if you were making all the gifts for the kiddos on your list. But re-reading what I wrote, I should have said “these toys” and not just “toys.”

          I think you have a worthwhile point about the boundaries of MAKE content, and I appreciate you sharing it. But please, hold your fire, I’m waving the white flag! No sarcasm war intended. Honestly.

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