Holiday Gift Guide 2012: 11 Crafty Books to Give and Get

For the DesignerPantone 20th Century in Color$40 Chronicle BooksThis is a gorgeous book, and a must for anyone interested in color and design. Broken down by decade and theme, the book is full of vintage illustrations accompanied by the dominant Pantone colors in each one, as well as an interesting overview of the history. While of course fashions in color change over time, this book makes that elegantly clear. From to the blues of Maxwell Parrish to the five flavors of iMac in the 90s to the bright pop of anime, you'll end up with a much deeper understanding of the aesthetic landscape.

Sometimes all a crafter wants is inspiration, and there’s nothing like a good craft book for that. Some of these are pattern books, so it’s easy to jump straight in, while others are a little more abstract, honing our understanding of color or texture. I chose these books for a number of different types of crafter, whether you have a designer, a vintage-obsessed sewer, someone hoping to get into the business, or a geek on your list. You might even find something for yourself!

11 crafty book gift ideas:

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